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gender_roles's Journal

Gender Roles Discussion
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This community is for discussion of gender roles found in media or elsewhere, their causes and effects, and personal accounts about facing and dealing with gender roles. The intended primary focus of this group is on gender roles in "Western" culture (the U.S., the U.K., etc.), as opposed to those of other cultures, although the latter are useful to add perspective.

This is not specifically a group for women, for men, for queer, for straight or for those who reject any or all of the above. Everyone is welcome.


Disagreements are acceptable. Insulting people is not. Trolling is not. General LJ guidelines apply.

Moderators may delete posts or ban users at their discretion.

Please put long posts and images behind lj-cut tags. If at all possible, link to an article rather than reposting it in its entirety.

Please don't post "blind links." Include a description of whatever it is you're linking to.

Please don't create a new post merely to comment on an old one. That's what comments are for.

Please don't post merely to advertise your community or web site. If it's relevant to another discussion, link to it there.

Current moderator: jfpbookworm